We invite to visit Forestia. We are pleased to welcome you as our guests and we hope that your visit will be an enjoyable one. If you have never been to a nudist park or a nude beach, we would like to introduce you to a lifestyle which, we believe, is the ideal environment for wholesome family recreation. Please be assured that while you are here on your first visit, you are under no obligation to participate. You may wear as much clothing, or as little, as you see fit. We do, however, ask that no bathing suits nor other garments be worn in the pools, the spa, or the sauna.

Let’s start with a tour of Forestia. There’s a map which shows where everything is located.

As you will see, the activities at Forestia are about the same as you will find at most “textile” parks and resorts. Among the most popular activities are sunbathing, swimming, volleyball, and picnicking. Forestia is a family-oriented park where entire families participate, with every age group from infants to senior citizens being represented. Since there are children present on the grounds, nudist ettiquette demands that everyone at the park, members and visitors, conduct themselves, in their words and actions, in a manner which is appropriate in a family environment. Persons who have come here seeking some other kind of activity — more sexually or erotically oriented — have come to the wrong place and would undoubtedly be happier elsewhere.

Walking along the road from the welcome center, past the parking area, we pass the main shower and restroom building and the office/store on the right. The clubhouse is on the left. The convenience store, “Bare Essentials”, sells nudist literature, T-shirts, an assortment of snacks, and, of course, something of special importance for nudists, SUN SCREEN!

The club house is a gathering place for indoor activities: Halloween party, Christmas party, club business meetings, occasional dances, and just a good place to come in out of the rain (Shhh! we don’t say the “R” word very loudly).

The deck outside the clubhouse is a good view point from which the main recreation area may be seen. The hub of activity at Forestia is the sunning lawn which, on summer weekends, is dotted with blankets or towels on which people in many shades of tan are soaking up the sun. Surrounding the lawn are various recreational facilities: pools, spa, sauna, community kitchen, playground, etc. This is a convenient arrangement, allowing persons to go from one facility to another by simply crossing the lawn. Also, parents can easily keep an eye on the playground without leaving their blankets. If clothing-free recreation is a new experience for you, the sunning lawn is an ideal place to learn about the lifestyle.

Nudists often hear the question, “Why total nudity? Why not wear ‘a little something’?” Much has been written and many photographs have been taken to help explain why we are nudists. We could tell you that we consider bathing suits to be symbols of guilt and shame. We could embark on an extended monologue about how the removal of clothing removes a barrier between us and our fellow human beings. Or we could show you a gallery of photographs or video tapes of nude events. But nothing we say or write and no amount of photographic images can answer your questions as completely and as graphically as seeing for yourselves.

We invite you to get acquainted with other people and to participate in conversations. Please observe the way nudists conduct themselves, noticing especially the children at play, their healthy young minds free from shame and guilt, their laughter proclaiming the naturalness and wholesomeness of their environment. We are sure that it will soon be clear to you that, except for our lack of attire, our standards of decency are no different from those you will find at any respectable non-nudist park or resort.

But even observing nudist activity will not help you understand our motivation in choosing a clothing-free lifestyle nearly as well as actually participating. When you feel that you are ready, and this is a decision that only you can make for yourself, please feel free to disrobe and to share with us this delightful experience.

When you’ve made the plunge into a clothing-free lifestyle, surely, you will also want to plunge into our solar-heated swimming pool, soak in our bubbly spas, “cook” in our sauna, and float on an air mattress in the wading and floating pool. This is a good time to say some more about nudist ettiquette. Please shower before going into the pools or spa, don’t bring floating objects into the swimming pool, and always carry a towel to sit on. No shirt, no shoes, no pants, no problem. But, please, no bare buns on the chairs and benches.

We have been truly fortunate that in all the years that Fraternity Snoqualmie has been in existence, no child has ever been seriously injured at Forestia. But the potential is there, especially in and around the pools. Please keep a close eye on your children at all times and, if they can’t swim well, don’t leave them unattended in the pool area. Children under age 10 should not be in the spa unless accompanied by a responsible adult. For sanitary reasons, we ask that there be no children in diapers in the pools or the spa.

Nudists like to eat. We have pot lucks at Forestia at least once a month. Two of our annual events, el Cinco de Mayo and Oktober-fest are ethnic food oriented. At present, we don’t have a restaurant or snack bar except for some special events. But we do have a community kitchen, complete with cooking and barbecue facilities which everyone is welcome to use. Please help us keep the kitchen facilities clean. If you bring food or beverages into the pool enclosure, please confine it to the Poolside Patio between the pools. Also we ask that objects made of glass or other material which could cause injury not be brought into the pool enclosure.

Walking up the hill from the pool enclosure toward the community kitchen, we can see the children’s playground on the right. Just beyond the playground is the volleyball court. Volleyball is the unofficial “official” sport of nudism and is popular in nearly every nudist park in the world. Ball games at Forestia are very informal. Usually someone organizes a game by simply yelling,”Volleyball!!” This is the signal to join in.

If you’d prefer something a little less strenuous, across the lawn we have shuffleboard and horseshoes. Just below the horseshoe pit is a concrete game court which was once used for volleyball but is now used for tennis, badminton, or simply shooting baskets. The fire pit, located just up from the horseshoe pit, is a popular place right after sunset for a hot dog or marshmallow roast and a sing-along. If you have a guitar or other small instrument, please bring it to the evening campfire.

Farther up the hill is the camping area with spaces for tents and RV’s. Still farther up the hill are several cabins, including rental units and some private residences. There are additional camping spaces in a more rustic setting in Carlson Woods which is also a good area for a leisurely hike. For a longer and more strenuous hike, there is the “Rock Trail” which leads up to a rock outcropping with a spectacular view of the valley between Tiger and Squak Mountains. Clothing must be worn on this trail because, in some places, it goes off club premises. Also, long pants are advised because of the underbrush.

Please don’t smoke in any of the forest areas. During the summer months, the forest fire danger can be extreme. Smoking is permitted anywhere in the park with the exception of the clubhouse, the community kitchen, the store, the sauna, in the pool enclosure other than the Poolside Patio, and anywhere that a fire danger exists. Also, because of the fire danger we don’t permit fireworks on the grounds.

The consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted in moderation and in conformance with state law. Alcohol may be consumed in the main recreation area including the lawn, clubhouse, community kitchen, and the Poolside Patio on weekends or holidays whenever we have a state liquor board banquet permit. You may also drink at any time in your vehicle, tent, RV, or cabin. And, of course, you must be at least 21. The use and possession of illegal substances is prohibited at all times.

Forestia is a fun place for people, but Fido will probably be much happier at home. If you are not able to leave your pets at home, you are welcome to bring them to the park, but please keep them on a leash or in a cage in the parking or camping areas and not in the main recreation area. For your pets’ sake please be sure they have shade and plenty of water.

Some areas of the park are very scenic and would provide ideal backgrounds for photographs. Photography is permitted at Forestia, but because of the risk of violating someone’s privacy, it is necessary to impose certain controls. Pictures may be taken by members of Fraternity Snoqualmie, members of other recognized nudist groups, or closely supervised press photographers during special events. The number one rule is that a photographer must have the permission of the person(s) to be photographed and must have the permission of the parent(s) of a minor child. One must also pay close attention to the background to make sure that only persons who have given their permission will appear in a photograph.

Now that we’ve told you about Forestia and the clothing-free lifestyle, we’d like to tell you about the club, Fraternity Snoqualmie and about how you can continue to enjoy the recreational opportunities that membership has to offer.

Fraternity Snoqualmie is a cooperative group, registered with the State of Washington as a non-profit corporation. The regular members of the club are the voting members of the corporation, although most of the club business is conducted by the executive board and various committees. The board members are elected by the general membership and the committee members are appointed by the board. All the rules relating to the governing of the corporation and management of the facilities are explained in the Bylaws and the Procedure Manual. The bylaws also state the club policies regarding membership and participation in clothing-free activities.