by Stanislaw and Malgosia Nagi

In response to a request by Forestian co-editor we will be writing a series of articles in which we go back in time to the early days of Fraternity Snoqualmie. We’ll start at the beginning and work our way up to the present, recalling some of the memorable moments in the history of our club. We’ll be relying on memory, old Forestians, and various tales and legends which we’ve heard. Please don’t expect an entirely factual historical record but rather, a collection of semi-historical reminiscences. There are many events that we aren’t sure of and we may occasionally decide to embellish the facts slightly or throw in a few anecdotes.

First, let us tell you a little about ourselves. We’ve been FS members since 1959 and it was at Forestia that we first met. (Yes, couples do, indeed, meet at nudist parks and eventually marry!) Shortly after our marriage in 1962, we moved to Louisiana where we lived for three years. We continued our nudist lifestyle at a park not far from New Orleans and even helped to organize a nudist club in Mississippi. Following our return to Washington, we resumed active participation in nudism at Forestia. Our son, Tomasz, whom some members of FS may remember, was born in 1970. He was an active participant until his late teens and still asks about the park and does not hesitate to tell his friends about it.

Over the years, between the two of us, we’ve served on various major committees, the board, and countless ad hoc committees. We’ve participated in events, activities, and work parties and we’ve even found time to visit some 75 nudist parks, resorts, and nude beaches all over the United States and in several foreign countries.

So, enough about us. Let’s go back to the mid 1930’s when it all got started.

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