FS/TMFNP hosts a few events annually at the park. Our most popular events are the Bare Buns Fun Run~West in July and Nudestock in August. We also have potlucks, a Halloween party, and a handful of wine & cheese parties with live entertainment. Many of our members also participate in activities such as hikes and swims at nearby beaches, indoor facilities, and resorts in conjunction with other groups, such as the SLUGS.  We also have an information booth at the Fremont Fair in June each year.

Descriptions and links of events and activities are below

Bare Buns Fun Run-West (each July, at the end of Nude Recreation Week)A clothing optional 5K run up the side of Tiger Mountain starting and ending in the park, and part of the 3 way “Buns across the border” with Wreck Beach and Kiniksu Ranch.


A Nude Rock N’ Blues Experience!
(Each year the Weekend in August, prior to Labor Day Weekend)

Nudestock is a regular day in the park with music. First time visitors will receive a voucher for a complimentary 1 day membership, on their next visit. Bring sunscreen, a towel to sit on, and photo ID to check in. Food, craft, & massage vendors, and The Bare Essentials Store will be open for snacks, t-shirts, and other fun nudist items. No cameras allowed. Children welcome accompanied by their parents.

Parties FS/TMFNP hosts a number of parties during the year including Opening and closing weekend Wine & Cheese Parties, Karaoke Parties, the Halloween Party in October, and much more!

Board Meetings Board meetings are on the 4th Sunday of every month, unless otherwise noted.

General Membership Meetings

Members are encouraged to attend 3 general membership meetings each year, at 1pm on the 4th Sunday after the Board meeting in April prior to opening of the season, August for board nominations, and September for election results.

Other Pacific Northwest-area clothing-free activities:

The SLUGS (Sun Lovers Under Gray Skies) have an excellent activity calendar that you can check out to get a representative look at what is going on locally. Many activities may require club affiliation and/or payment of fees. Contact event hosts for more information. The range of events include: potlucks, parties, nude swims, Sauna Nights and others.