1. Please note that this is a Family Park. We expect all members and visitors to conduct themselves in their actions and in their language, in a manner that is appropriate in a family environment. We conduct background checks on all visitors and members.
  2. Photographs: NO Photography is allowed. Nudist photography is a sensitive issue. We attempt to provide nudists with an opportunity to photograph family and close friends. But we also want to insure the privacy of other persons. Until you have been approved for membership, we ask that you not use cameras, video cameras or cell cams except in the presence of, and with the permission of, a member of the Board of Directors.
  3. Undressing: Most visitors disrobe at their parked car. You will also find a changing room in the Sauna building.
  4. Safeguard valuables. While our park seldom hears about pilferage, please exercise common sense. Place valuables in your locked trunk.
  5. Pool area rules: Showering with soap is required before entering the Hot Tubs, Pools or Sauna. Nude use only. Eating or drinking anything except water is prohibited in the pool, hot tubs or sauna. Smoking is prohibited within the pool fenced area or within 25 feet of the fenced area and buildings. (RCW 70.160) No glass is allowed in the pool areas, hot tubs or sauna. No one under the age of thirteen is allowed in the pools, hot tubs, or sauna without a responsible adult supervising. Children 13 to 17 cannot use the pools, hot tubs, or sauna alone. Children under 6 should not use the hot tubs. Please heed the Pool Rules signage in the area. (WAC 246-260-131(5)(b) and (c). A responsible adult must accompany children using the water activity area (within arm’s reach). Children 10 to 17 must not be alone. Children under under 7: Should not use the hot tubs; Must be toilet trained to use the hot tubs; Must wear protective covering to use the pool; May not use the hot tub or sauna 7:00pm to 7:00am.
  6. Is nudity mandatory? First time visitors are not expected to disrobe unless they wish to do so. On subsequent visits, visitors and members are expected to participate to a reasonable degree, weather permitting. Please note that nudity is always required when entering the pool, hot tubs or sauna.
  7. How do women cope during their monthly cycle? Many wear “bottoms.”
  8. Always sit on a towel! It’s a common practice to place something between your bare buns and any public surface you sit or lie upon. This includes the sauna. If you forgot yours, towels are available at the Welcome Center for $1.
  9. Community kitchen: You may use our kitchen facilities to cook and store properly identified items that need to be refrigerated. The refrigerators are cleaned out regularly, and unidentified or out of date items are tossed. Ice is also available in limited amounts (Bagged ice should be purchased before you arrive.)
  10. Children must be in the presence of their parent or guardian. The adults in your immediate area are not babysitters for your children unless you have their prior and specific permission. If you fail to supervise your children, you may be asked to leave the park. No exceptions!
  11. Is it easy to make friends? Yes! Introduce yourself to the first person you see, and you’ll soon be part of our family.
  12. Be considerate and respect others. Maintain eye contact. It is important for first time visitors to make a good impression. Staring is rude. Please also be discreet and respect others’ need for confidentiality and not reveal their association with the park, even if, for example, you see them at the supermarket.
  13. Tattoos and piercings: So what. But stay out of the pools and hot tubs until they are healed.
  14. Pets: They must be on a leash, and are limited to the camping areas East and uphill of the main road between the Welcome Center and the Maintenance Center, but only if the cat or dog exhaust is picked up promptly and disposed of in the garbage (not the toilet). Call first to see if pets other than cats or dogs are allowed.
  15. Loud music: Please do not violate other people’s space with loud music. If you want to FS0414 listen to the radio or your favorite CD, please wear your headphones.
  16. Smoking: Smoking is not allowed except in designated areas. Smoking is not only hazardous to your health; it is hazardous to the Park’s health, too. Our season is Forest Fire Season in Washington. Members and visitors like to be good neighbors and so won’t allow smoking by-products to invade others’ space. Dispose of smoking materials only in approved containers, not on the ground. (RCW 70.160)
  17. Drinking: NO UNDERAGE DRINKING IS ALLOWED. Irresponsible drinking will not be tolerated, and may be grounds for dismissal from the Park.
  18. Drugs: Illegal drugs are prohibited. Although allowed in Washington State, Marijuana use in public is prohibited.
  19. Pitch in and pick up! This is your Park, too! Please help us keep it beautiful and functional by picking up after yourself. We have garbage bins throughout the Park. We are increasing our recycling efforts all the time, and so we have recycling containers throughout the Park for aluminum cans. Volunteer efforts are always welcome, from cleaning where you see a need, to joining our work parties when they are scheduled. See the Welcome Center for more information, or email the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@fraternitysnoqualmie.com.
  20. The Park is on a septic system, which cannot accommodate anything but human waste. Oil, tobacco products, diapers, sanitary napkins, condoms, RV toilet treatments, pet waste, and many other items cannot be processed in our septic, so don’t put them there.
  21. Donations are always welcome! Financial donations are always appreciated. You may have other items to offer to the Park, but not all items can be accepted, so be sure to get clearance from the Welcome Center Manager before you make the effort to deliver.
  22. What if someone offends me? Should someone act inappropriately towards you, try to reason with that person. If that does not resolve the conflict, you may file a written complaint with Member Relations, mr@tigermtnudists.com.
  23. When in doubt about proper etiquette, please ask!

Did you leave the Park looking better than when you arrived? If you did….. Thank You! Please Come Again!

Here are some more documents concerning our park etiquette and rules.