And it’s a wrap!

Posted on Aug 30, 2016

Another great Nudestock has come and gone.

So many people made it happen, while I sat on the hill with my foot up, watching.

Big Thanks to all the FS/TMFNP members for their passionate dedication to caring for our beautiful park and showing all the people who visit a really great time.

I can’t possibly name you all, as I will no doubt miss someone, and I would hate to do that. So, if you did anything to make this wonderful weekend happen, whether it was grabbing the garbage, checking folks in at the welcome center, assisting them with finding the perfect parking spot, helping set up the stage and canopy, setting up the kitchen area for the wine and cheese party, working in the store, building birdhouses, stocking the bathrooms, watering and mowing the lawn, chopped wood for the bonfire, and many other tasks that escape me right now….or just driving me around in a golf cart all weekend, being my personal assistant, and carrying stuff for me so I could attend and enjoy my favorite event of the year…I Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you to the best sound guys ever, Eric and Evan from Point Source, Inc. These guys are pros, and work with some of the best musicians in the world, but still make time to come do our little day of music in the park.

Thank you to Mary McPage, “Wild” Willy Straub, Jevon Powel, Tom Austin, and Bongo Billy for a great Nudestock Eve Party, it was a blast…and completely off the hook…spilling over to the bonfire until the wee hours.

Thank you to Sister Madame: Jill Nelson, Laurel Lungren, Chad Russell, and Knic Pfost for starting it all off with a great acoustic and electric set and artist Stacia Russell-for capturing it all on canvas.

Thank you to Harriet Ames for a short set of beautiful vocals with wonderfully witty lyrics.

Thank you to Jeff Herzog & the Jet City Flyers: Jeff Herzog, Billy Lovey, Billy Reed, Patty Mey, and John Rockwell for a couple blues sets by some of the best in the biz!

Thank you to Champagne Sunday: Jessi & Jared Fredeen, for being you and closing the show! Minnie the Moocher is always a crowd pleaser!

You are all class acts, and truly talented musicians, and the best part is, while you don’t all play nude, you get us, and it comes across in your music. I hope when you all no doubt head up the ladder of musical levels, you don’t forget us, and come back and play for us again sometime.

Big personal thanks to Mary and Jeff for allowing me to share your stage and your musicians. It was a challenge to get me on those stages, but it was the highlight of my weekend to sing with you.

Thank you Mother Nature for not being that saucy wench your were last year and allowing us to have a terrific weekend, with sunshine, a few clouds, and thankfully no rain.

Thank you Snail Lemley for absolutely fabulous T-shirt art! You are a gifted artist!

Thank you to Athena’s Food Truck for delicious food, gotta love the greek fries!

Thank you to my husband Mikey G, for taking over all the tasks that I would have usually done, in addition to your own long list of things for Nudestock.

And last but certainly not least….thank you to each and every person who visited and enjoyed our park this weekend. It was one of the best Nudestock’s ever!


Dawnzella Gearhart,